Lose that last flab while being full and 100% raw – live on alive

Product Name: Lose that last flab while being full and 100% raw – live on alive

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What Frederic Patenaude has to say about the system described below.

(Frederic Patenaude has been influencing raw food movement since 1998)

A high-raw diet often does wonder for your health and your waistline. But it doesn’t always work.

Have you ever tried eating raw or a healthy plant-based diet and reached a plateau in your weight goals?

Have you ever eaten lots of raw foods, including fruit, and still felt hungry all the time?

Did you ever run into issues such as lightheadedness and brain fog, and gave up the diet for that reason?

Have you ever found it difficult to find the energy to exercise on this diet?

I coached Margarita when she was writing her eBook, so I have read it several times and love her unique take on the subject.

She presents powerful ideas that I’ve never read ANYWHERE on how to optimize a high-raw diet.

Do you want to finally get into the best shape of your life while eating satisfying, delicious raw meals?

I know how to take you there because in the past I struggled getting into my best shape too.

First of all, here is why many raw vegans (and very likely, you too) struggle to lose remaining pounds.

Let’s face it, eating a raw vegan diet doesn’t guarantee you the best shape of your life.

In fact, some raw vegans look like a healthy meat-and-potato diet person…. Not too much excess but still with a dozen or so pounds to be lost (I was one of them).

And the major reason behind this is hunger. Pretty much like on any diet!

But hunger is also why many people fail just to STAY on raw veganism! Forget about getting into the best shape!

So, for most people getting in shape when eating raw becomes a double challenge!

That’s because to feel satisfied on raw veganism they stuff themselves with sweet fruits and fat!

Because fruits digest quickly and fats provide little satiety, they have little control over their hunger, and hence feeling of fullness.

As a result, they often overeat sweet fruits and fats, and end up eating more calories than they used to on a cooked-food diet!

In addition, excessive intake of fat in the long run directly slows down, and even resists their flab loss efforts (due to increased insulin resistance and slower metabolism).

Because many raw vegans base their meals on sweet and fatty foods, they also tend to exercise less than on a cooked-food diet! This is because:

♦ Overeating fresh fruits and dried fruits makes you physically uncomfortable to exercise.

With that food belly, you just feel like skipping or shortening your workouts.

Raw sweet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis also drain you out, leaving you with less energy after meals!

♦ Overeating fatty food makes you biochemically uncomfortable to exercise.

The majority of fats need to go through over 20 steps to be digested, your body tires out, and as a result, you have little energy to exercise 🙁

Overeating + Less exercise on raw veganism = Difficulty losing remaining pounds on raw veganism

The good news is that these excess pounds don’t really make you overweight…

But these are a dozen or so pounds that separate you from the shape of your dreams!

Does below sound familiar?

You just ate a perfectly raw breakfast.

This smoothie, out of your favourite tropical fruit, bananas, and greens was so yummy that you wish you learned about raw veganism ten years earlier.

You feel energized and ready to conquer the world!

But then two hours later when you are about to start your workday at the office, you feel the stomach growling, the brain fog approaching or the lightheadedness setting in.

You ignore it and hope that it will pass.

Your goal is to get rid of those 15 pounds by the end of the month, and, after all, you put four bananas in that smoothie!

Plus, you better finish this work project by tomorrow!

Yet, half an hour later, you almost feel like you skipped breakfast altogether.

It’s only 10:25 am, and you know that unless you dig into your lunch, there is no way you will be able to complete this project by tomorrow – your brain simply refuses to work.

So, by now you forget about your weight loss goals and devour your lunch while trying to speed-type.

Then comes the “real” lunch.

You hear coworkers gathering at the kitchen, but you had your lunch, and you are trying to be productive…

Then, at 13:15 pm you feel hungry again! But then you remember that you already ate everything in your lunch bag. In hopes to find something raw in the office kitchen, you find apples and bananas.

You eat lots of them, feel better, but at the same time, you feel that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach – you ate too much today!

You leave the office, and because of this food belly, you don’t feel like exercising as you planned.  You can barely move from all the food you ate!

Another day of not being able to stick to your flab loss efforts!

“Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn’t getting in great shape be easy on raw veganism? Okay, I’ll add wheat sprouts to my breakfast tomorrow” you say to yourself.

But then comes tomorrow and the cycle repeats itself.

Well, that’s me – a newbie raw vegan – about nine years ago.

I struggled getting in shape I wanted.

Although it was not more than 15 pounds, the brain fog I experienced due to hunger forced me to eat until my brain was back in the working condition. (For some reason, my hunger on raw veganism shows itself almost exclusively as brain fog).

So, I often overate, had low energy, felt bloated frequently, and, as I said, was 12-15 pounds away from the body I wanted.

Plus, often, the food belly from eating too much (mostly sweet fruits), often reduced my desire to go on my daily jogging.

Because of this brain fog, I was constantly on the quest of coming up with the ways to feel full in order to prevent it.

In other words, staying full was my greatest struggle on raw veganism.

I tried various things: From eating 150 ml of honey per day to having bee pollen for lunch!

I still have this brain fog unless I eat the RIGHT foods and DO special techniques.

Thanks to that, currently I’m in shape I consider almost ideal for my body type.

Your situation may not be as extreme… Your hunger may show itself differently, but still, this doesn’t help you lose those remaining stubborn pounds!

If you’ve followed raw veganism for a few months already you probably know that in order to keep your hunger at bearable levels you either need to:

♦ Stuff yourself with lots of fresh and dried fruits like bananas, dates, raisins

♦ Eat lots of fatty foods like nuts, seeds, and avocados

♦ Include some vegan cooked food like rice

But you already know what lots of sweet fruit and fat ultimately leave you with! Difficulty losing those remaining 15 pounds!

On the other hand, you don’t want to come back to cooked foods, either.

That’s because you know that eating raw plant foods as much as possible every day is one of the greatest “secrets” to:

♦ The best shape of your life (you know there must be a way!)

♦ A disease-free, long life

♦ More energy and time to do things you love

♦ Inner peace, contentment, and emotional wellbeing

♦ Being self-sustainable…Saving thousands of hours and dollars on trying to resolve health conditions

In order to comfortably get in your dream shape on raw veganism, you WANT to feel full throughout the day. No-brainer.

But to LOSE WEIGHT, you NEED to feel full with as few calories as possible!

In other words, you need the bulk of your calories coming from raw vegan foods that have been proven to give you the greatest satiety per calorie.

You certainly also want these foods to be delicious, and not fatty.

As well as easy and quick to prepare, nutritious, and not overly sweet.

You also must implement some non-food techniques that will reduce appetite, and prevent hunger before it’s even there.

After all, we eat to live, not live to eat!

As long as I have access to the foods I describe below, not falling too far behind with the techniques, I can prevent hunger, and hence, the dreaded brain fog!

As a result, I get full with fewer calories, have the desire, and energy to exercise (including some weightlifting).

The outcome? I can relatively easy keep myself in the ideal weight range.

I also became more muscular in the last couple years.

(I’m always working to keep the very last few pounds off with area specific exercises and detoxing – they require continuous effort).

19 Foods to Lose the Flab on a Raw Vegan Diet

+ Eight Techniques To Be Full On Less

A hidden non-food component that makes some people succeed on a raw vegan diet, and get into their best shape, while others struggle.

Successful self-help gurus like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins pay more attention to this factor than 95% of people.

A highly-filling food that Ethiopian ultra-marathon runners eat.

In fact, Olympic gold medalist, and the world record holder ultra-marathon runner, Haile Gebrselassie, calls it a “Hidden secret for the success of Ethiopian runners”

An amazingly delicious ancient raw food you probably never heard of, which keeps you full for 3-5 hours.

Hint: In terms of carbohydrate, fat, and protein ratio it’s similar to the human breast milk (yes, you can blend this food, and give it to infants, instead of a cow’s milk!)

A trick to feeling like you have been eating continuously for 20 minutes but not actually eating ANYTHING!

An easily accessible technique to curb your appetite, and make yourself happier in a matter of minutes anybody under the Sun has access to!

A food that grows in the ocean and lakes, and beats meat by more than two times in terms of satiety!

Why when pursuing your dream shape on raw veganism feeding your mind and soul is just as important as feeding your body

What you need to know about Satiety Index

The WORST mistake you can make when eating grains, pseudo-grains, seeds, and nuts on a raw vegan diet (and on ANY diet). Hint: Your great grandma was smart and avoided it!

Why you can continue eating and loving your morning oatmeal. Hint: Regular oats are not raw because they are heat treated before hitting the shelves

Why you don’t need to say goodbye to brown rice either when adopting a 100% raw vegan diet

You might be asking yourself, what differentiates this program from dozens of others out there on the subject?

How can you know that this program is for you?

Take a look at the following seven differences before making your decision.

Most raw vegan programs and recommendations focus on one component of a human being when tackling a raw vegan diet – the body.

In other words, the focus is on food and exercise.

I take a different approach.

I start with preparing your soul and mind for raw veganism, and only then move on to the bodily component.

With a strong desire to be healthy, have a beautiful slim body, and feel full on raw veganism using the system and techniques described in this program you have a very high chance of getting into that dream shape successfully.

As long as you plan your meals ahead of time, the filling tasty breakfasts and dinners will take you 10-15 minutes.

And it gets even better with snacks and lunches – if you wish, they can be just grab-and-go!

Different people have different tastes, no doubt about that.

Yet, some of the foods I describe in this program WILL become your STAPLES, and you WILL admit that they are delicious!

Well, because I know that most people love (or loved) truffle candies or peanut butter and chocolate mixed together. Didn’t you?

Well, one of the foods that I talk about I think tastes similar to truffles while the other one reminds me of blended peanut butter and chocolate!

In fact, some of them are yummy just by adding water!

I don’t know about you, but when I see 10-15-ingredient raw recipes, I ask myself: Who are these people who have so much time to prepare their food?

Don’t get me wrong, the gourmet recipes are great occasionally, for special events.

Not only do these types of recipes take your time away, laid with fat and salt these recipes take your health away!

The foods that I talk about in this program are delicious with just an extra 1-3 ingredients! In fact, some of them are tasty even if they are just blended with water!

Often suggestions and recipes given by a raw vegan community are based on produce, nuts, and seeds with a big price tag. For example, mangoes, avocados, cashews.

After all, you won’t be surprised if I say that raw veganism is expensive (unless you have some kind of a witty, raw vegan grocery system).

But unless you are that plan-it-all, strategic type of a person you just have to accept the fact that eating raw food IS more expensive.

So, I know you will welcome these foods, which come with a reasonable price tag, and which you can use as everyday STAPLES.

While they cost more than bananas, most of them are not as expensive as mangoes or cashews!

Another benefit. About 50% of these foods can be found in regular grocery stores.

Others, if you live in a big city can be found in health / holistic food stores (except one for which you may need to go to a local African store).

If you don’t live in a big city, you can buy these foods online or in bulk which has its own benefits: You will save money and time.

Some raw vegan recommendations miss the importance of preparing the raw foods right.

My goal is to show you with one simple scientifically proven technique how to turn the filling raw foods I talk about in this program into powerhouses of satiety and nutrients!

In fact, natural whole food supplement companies use this method to maximize the nutrient content of their products!

With this technique and a few others I describe, you will not only be able to maximize the level of nutrients per calorie of food you eat, but you will also minimize and even avoid major problems a lot of raw vegans face, such as bad teeth, digestive disturbances, and deficiencies.

Many raw vegan authors live in warm, sub-tropical, or tropical climates.

For this reason, their recommendations are not easily applicable by those living in cool climates.

The foods and techniques I talk about in this program make 100% raw veganism possible even if you live in a place where it gets as cold as -40 °C during the winter months!

Why am I so sure? I live in Alberta (Canada) where it can get below -40°C in winter!

Let’s take a look at winter 2021.

If you don’t count occasional beverages made of fruit / veggies and boiled water, and a few other things, which were not a necessity but a want, and occasional laziness, I was 90-100% raw this last winter.

If I had the information I provide in this program in front of me back in 2012 when I started raw veganism, it would have saved me two years of trying to control my hunger-caused brain fog and ever-continuous efforts and frustration to get into my best shape.

Precisely, this information would have saved me hours of brain fog, lethargy, bloating, time spent researching and trying new methods and foods as well as dozens of times skipping my vitally important jogging sessions.

Most importantly, my life now would have been even more fulfilling.

That’s because this holistic method of losing remaining weight while being full on raw veganism is also applicable to other areas of life!

Yes Margarita, please give me INSTANT access to “19 Foods to Lose the Flab on a Raw Vegan Diet + Eight Techniques To Be Full On Less”

One week of Filling, Under-10-min Delicious, Law-Fat Recipes and Techniques

In this bonus I provide a week worth of satiating 100% raw breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks consisting of 1-5 ingredients, and which with planning will take you 10-15 minutes to prepare.

I also tell how you can fit the techniques I describe in the eBook into your daily life (even if you are very busy person).

By applying them, you will notice how your life (not only your shape) will start to change the very next day!

Wishing you raw bliss and abundance today and every day 🙂

… enjoy a totally different point of view on the topic, with techniques that truly work!

Frederic Patenaude, fredericpatenaude.com

I was starting my vegan journey when I read Margarita’s book. Learned some incredible stuff and was glad to see a few chapters on personal development too. Definitely a great read, worth your time… keep up the good work!

Click here to get Lose that last flab while being full and 100% raw – live on alive at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Lose that last flab while being full and 100% raw – live on alive is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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