What is a Digital Experience Platform?

The development of a Digital platform has been a popular discussion topic in information technology in recent times. A digital platform not only facilitates exchanges between multiple groups of users, it also serves or enables other digital tools and services. The development of a digital platform involves several phases, with multiple activities taking place in each phase to support the transition from idea conception to platform realisation. Digital transformations look different for each company because every organization has different goals in mind, but a tangible goal to seek through digital transformation is the creation of a digital platform.

What is digital platform development

Used correctly, the right platform will transform your supply chain business. All of this is to say that the road ahead, while rewarding, will not be necessarily easy. Social platforms, which include some of the most widely known social networking sites, are similar to aggregation platforms in that they bring together many stakeholders. That said, social platforms are unique in the long-term nature of the relationships they facilitate—the goal is less about completing a transaction than about aligning individuals around areas of common interest. Leverage our digital platform specialists’ cybersecurity expertise to mitigate risks.

Why Digital Platform?

There are several trends influencing the move to digital platforms–from competition and economics, through sustainability and politics, to technology and industry. Fortunately, specialized, cloud-collaboration software exists to make the whole process much easier and more efficient–the Digital Supply Chain Platform. We’ll explore this exciting new area, answer your questions, and explain how these platforms can revolutionize supply chain management. Click below to view the next chapter on how to architect cloud based platforms for digital systems integration.

What is digital platform development

It accelerated as what was possible became what was demanded and what once seemed miraculous became commonplace. As the internet became a ubiquitous part of human existence, it became evident that there was a need for centralized management of the text and images involved in the creation of websites. Increased use of augmented reality to assist with auditing, inventory management, and managing data-driven supply chain processes. The best cloud-based supply chain software doesn’t just focus on what’s happening now, it plans for what’s coming over the horizon. Use data connectors to gather data from multiple sources, both within your business and from supply chain partners. Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee (“DTTL”), its network of member firms, and their related entities.

Chapter 2: The Evolution of the DXP Market

Because of the need for collaborative action over time, these platforms—including supply networks and distribution operations—tend to prioritize long-term relationships over isolated and short-term transactions. These platforms span a broad range of industries, including financial services, consumer products, and automotive. No matter which approach you choose, building a cross-platform app can be a great way to reach a wider audience with your product or service. With the right tools and technologies in place, you can create an app that looks and feels at home on any device. Once you have the tools and technologies in place, you can start building your app.

With more than twenty years’ experience partnering organisations to deploy digital initiatives, Arrk continues to lead the way in helping companies develop digital platforms that drive transformative business change. Our extensive experience enables us to take pragmatic approach, whether you are looking to introduce a tactical solution into your business or implement strategic business change. Our user first approach centres our delivery methodology, which is a developed, proven and refined approach to solving complex business and technology problems, FAST. In recent years, there has been a growing trend in the software development industry towards what is known as “cross-platform” development.

What is digital platform development

These platforms enable users to share different information like new products and services and connect the platform’s ecosystem. Creating a robust network for increasing value is also made possible by this technology. The development of it can be boosted by the third-party providers digital platform development services of APIs , which let participants share the data for developing new services. BMC works with 86% of the Forbes Global 50 and customers and partners around the world to create their future. It’s something unique, built solely for the Digital Service teams in your organisation.

Outside the office, Nick is a professional scuba diver and he holds the rank of Black Belt 5th Dan in Karate. Managing digital transformation in the 21stcenturyisn’t easy, with organisations over the years building up tens or hundreds of legacy IT systems , that implement strategic and tactical business processes. Typically, these systems are stand-alone or have limited ability to integrate with a wider enterprise.

Previously, he served as Deloitte’s Global Technology Sector Consulting leader. Once you’ve decided on your target platforms, you need to consider how you will build your app. Native app development can be expensive and time-consuming, but it usually results in the best user experience. Hybrid app development is a middle ground between native and web apps, offering a good compromise between cost and performance.

Security is primary, ease of use is essential, and personalized content discovery through global search can all be delivered with the capabilities DXP solutions provide. Furthermore, the ability to integrate with key systems and self-service capabilities provide an almost endless horizon of opportunities. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is somewhere between a science and an art. It is also a bit of a sport since much of SEO strategy is anticipating unannounced changes to search engine algorithms. Businesses live and die by their search ranking, so it is imperative that your DXP has tools to aid in this process. Look for a DXP that allows you to control canonical URLs for content pages, and to change default URL format for dynamic content items.

What Advantages Will a Digital Platform Provide to Your Supply Chain Business?

And with its cross-platform capabilities, you can quickly deploy your app to multiple platforms. Cloud governance , automation, analytics, AI, mobile, and the industrial internet—is developing a new “as-a-service” economy. It makes a massive impact on the cost to serve, investment levels, and speeding up the market. By integrating business technologies, software, and infrastructure to make them available “on-demand,” large and small organizations can benefit from the plug-in, modular, scalable services. Entrepreneurs are particular beneficiaries here, even without the constraints to fund the total costs of a platform business upfront, which have access to new markets and distribution channels. The primary business benefit of digital product development is the delivery of a digital product that uses the latest and most appropriate technology to maximize the user experience.

  • It needs to keep changing, as the needs of your teams will change based on their customers’ demands.
  • Of course, while the vision statement is a useful tool for galvanizing internal support and alignment, it is only a starting point.
  • Teaching has become a more connected experience, as more and more universities and schools are switching to remote education or taking a hybrid approach.
  • These projects often go off the rails in terms of cost, time and achieving objectives.
  • Digital product development refers to the engineering of software-driven user experiences that improve an organization’s user journey, in part or in total.
  • National governments, local governments and public sector organizations serve communities that require timely, relevant information consistently and constantly.

A digital business, although linked to the dynamics of the web, also demands consistent and effective management. Digital platforms are important resources for operational turnabout, and for them to perform well, they need to be supported by cohesive strategies. Another type of tool that makes all the difference in the organization and execution of any strategy, are project and team management platforms. Therefore, in practice, digital platforms act as online facilitators of relationships that already take place offline, but which are now largely driven and boosted by digital mechanisms. Many digital platforms compete for similar audiences but leverage their competitive advantages and unique aspects to reach their particular audience as they seek to grow.

Platform services — the present of digital growth

Any modern platform offers an API layer to facilitate integration, interoperability, and extensibility. However, relying on code-based connectivity alone is no longer enough, and ease of use for practitioners needs to extend to the developers working on your platform as well. Cloud deployment of your DXP changes more than just the infrastructure of your platform. Most modern CMS solutions provide a web presentation application but also decouple content from presentation. Digital experience means many things to many people—and that is probably the way it should be as we discuss varying platforms that deliver digital experience. For the last 20 years, Acme Energy Company has sold its services to corporate customers as a complete managed service.

A pure headless platform includes no stand-alone application for web-browser use . This leaves the horizon wide open for the adoption of a best-of-breed application stack, but it also puts developers in the driver’s seat, often leaving business users with limited capability to create content independently. Initially that was exactly what was needed to allow collaboration of IT and business users, but what was initially empowering became limiting as new digital channels emerged. Modern digital experience requires a portfolio of products and flexible capabilities. At the same time, your business gets to bring its costs down, shorten lead times, manage risk more effectively, and meet strict regulations and compliance.

Topics in this article

Many companies are seeing value being created and captured in novel ways, moving away from legacy products as standalone offers and toward the data and insights products and solutions generators. As this IoT-powered world matures, B2B enterprises must rethink their products and services to thrive in an Industry 4.0 environment—or risk being left behind by more nimble, digital-native competitors. In industries from advertising to manufacturing to enterprise software, value increasingly lies within data and information flows.

Adapting to New Technology Trends

For instance, journey mapping is an experience capability, as is the 360-degree view of the customer . A solid technology backbone for businesses willing to improve the existing operations, optimize performance, reduce costs, and open new possibilities to increase revenue. Combining and unifying different technologies and tools in one ecosystem, digital platforms for business involve the entire company’s architecture. The first and most important decision is determining which customers your platform will serve.

Digital Platform Development Lifecycle

Each modern system will have a Digital Adapter which allows the legacy system to be seamlessly replaced with a modern system without API users noticing the change. Tap into Geomotiv’s technical excellence and years-long domain expertise in eCommerce development. Our dedicated talents ensure that you receive innovative tailored services that match your particular requirements. With us, you get a next-gen, scalable, and unique eCommerce solution adjusted for every business, from startups to enterprise clients.

If you’re going the native route, you’ll need to create separate versions of your app for each platform. However, if you’re going the web-based route, you’ll need to optimise your website for mobile devices. Flutter allows developers to create high-quality native apps for Android and iOS platforms with a single codebase. This means that developers can use the same codebase to develop apps for both platforms, which saves a lot of time and effort. React Native is a cross-platform mobile development framework created by Facebook.

Aggregation platforms bring together a broad array of relevant resources and help users of the platform connect with the most appropriate resources. These platforms tend to be transaction- or task-based and include https://globalcloudteam.com/ marketplace and broker platforms. If you’re looking for a way to create native mobile apps, React Native is a great option. With React Native, you can create iOS and Android apps with a single codebase.

The use of cross-platform software development tools has grown in popularity in recent years. This is due to their many advantages compared to traditional development approaches. Use consumer data accumulated in your cloud-based data lake to figure out customer needs. Use cloud DevOps practices to bring new software applications into production faster. Launch to a warmed-up community of customers who are already loyal to your brand.

Factors of Platform Strategy

As a crucial part of digital transformation, digital platform solutions can equip businesses with the intelligence they need to enhance operations, stay more productive, and experiment with new approaches. As a result, businesses can leverage a stable and reliable tech-based backbone that will help them navigate the digital world easily. Xamarin’s main advantage over other cross-platform software development tools is its native controls and UI elements. This allows developers to create apps with a truly native look and feel while still sharing code across platforms.

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